Topic Competitions

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Project Partnership and Topic Competition Winners and Finalists. 

Through Topic Competitions, Enactus United States teams have the opportunity to showcase completed or on-going projects that fulfill specific topic criteria. Sponsored by Enactus United States partner companies, Topic Competitions present prize money and special recognition to teams who successfully address a featured issue.

2015-2016 Topic Competition opportunities are being finalized with our partner companies. Additional Topic Competitions will be announced as soon as they are confirmed, so stay tuned for further details. Click here to learn more about Project Partnerships and Topic Competitions.     

Wellness at Work Topic Competition: 
Details Coming Soon



Uncap Opportunities for Women Topic 
Competition, Supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation

CVC Capital Partners Youth Entrepreneurship Topic Competition



Care Enables Progress Topic Competition, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson 
Family of Consumer Companies

R.W. Plaster 
Free Enterprise Challenge:
Details Coming Soon