Enactus US National Exposition League Pairings:

These teams consist of Enactus students from universities or colleges who have been working together throughout the past academic year—or longer—on projects that strive to have a positive impact on people, the planet, and on prosperity. 

Final Round Results:

National Champion: Brigham Young University - Hawaii
2nd Place: University of Missouri - Kansas City
3rd Place: North Central College
4th Place: Roberts Wesleyan College

Final Early Stage Results:

1st Place, League 1: University of Texas at Austin
1st Place, League 2: Andrews University
1st Place, League 3: University of Nevada, Reno
1st Place, League 4: Appalachian State University
1st Place, League 5: Oklahoma State University - Main Campus

All Results Traditional and Early Stage:

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Final Round Teams:

Roberts Wesleyan College
University of Missouri - Kansas City
Brigham Young University - Hawaii
North Central College

Semi-Final Round Results & Pairings:

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Opening Round Pairings:

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Early Stage Pairings:

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