Enactus Fellows Program

Enactus and BNY Mellon have partnered to develop and pilot a student workforce competency certification program. The purpose of the project is twofold:  (1) to develop and pilot a Workforce Competency Certification Model for Enactus students to strengthen their capacity to create and deploy higher quality projects that have sustainable impact and (2) to better prepare the students for successful careers.

Why join the pilot:

By increasing your skillset through this development program, you will be able to increase the quality of your Enactus projects and better position yourself for post-graduation employment.  Also, you will be able to assist Enactus in the development of the program for all future Enactus students.

Here are the details:

  • Self-Paced - online training with individual coaching around entrepreneurial skills and resume effectiveness.
  • Travel to Expo 2017 - you will be compensated for your travel up to $400 per student and will be recognized for your achievements and have the privilege of attending a private reception with our business partners and recruiters.
  • Project Management Certificate - earn an internationally recognized certificate in PM in development that you can add to your resume and assist you in your job search after graduation.
  • Be a Part - of this special pilot and help shape the program for future students.
  • Gain Skills - to help you advance your career.
  • CLICK HERE - To view or download the course content
  • Limited  to 100 students and only available to New Jersey and Upper New York students for pilot program
  • Congratulations to our BNY Fellows! CLICK HERE

    For questions or more information please contact:
    Rebekah Cooper -  rcooper@enactus.org