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About career Services

Enactus is committed to being a premier source of effective, responsible talent. Enactus students have the opportunity to apply smart business practices to make a difference in the world while also developing their leadership, teamwork, communication and project management skills. Many top companies recruit Enactus United States students because these emerging leaders have developed the ability to blend a competitive spirit and a desire to succeed with a sense of integrity.

As an Enactus United States student or alumni, Career Services provides you direct access to Enactus partner companies that are looking to hire for full-time positions and internships, many that are offered exclusively to Enactus students and alumni. Through career events (virtual and face-to-face), Career Marketplace and networking, the access you have to Enactus partner companies provides an incredible competitive edge as you search for your ideal career.

Careers in the Consumer Goods & Retail Industry 

What do you think of when you hear "Consumer Goods and Retail?" Think bigger. Think BEYOND. See the wide range of career opportunities this exciting global industry has to offer. From advertising and research to sales and merchandising, Consumer Goods and Retail is a $15 trillion industry that is dynamic, challenging and growing around the world. 

Connect with Enactus Partners

Students interested in having their documents reviewed by a professional from our Partner Companies can request a meeting by emailing jobs@enactus.org.

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