Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Enactus US National Expo still happening?

Yes—we’re transforming the in-person event to an online event. It will be open to all – so watch for more details! We made this decision in light of the Kansas City Mayor’s declaration of a state of emergency as well as guidance and recommendations from the CDC, the federal government and in consultation with the many Enactus universities and colleges who have canceled classes, issued travel restrictions and with Enactus partner companies who have also done the same.

What about the costs I’ve already incurred to plan my trip to the Enactus US Expo?

If you made additional reservations for your trip to Enactus United States Expo, we encourage you to request that your travel companies consider the coronavirus impact as well when you request a change or refund.

Will there still be networking opportunities through the Enactus US Online Expo?

Yes! The Enactus Online Expo will provide ways for you to network virtually—because we know meaningful connections are essential to the power of the Enactus US network. 

When is the Enactus US Online Expo? How will it happen?

The Enactus US Online Expo will still happen in May: details will be announced in April.

Our team has project outcomes, but we are unable to get together to create a presentation, can we still compete?

Yes, we are looking at adapting and modifying the competition in order for all teams to have the ability to compete, no matter what stage you are at with your projects and/or presentations.

Our team has no project outcomes due to the fact that we cannot get together to complete our work, can we still compete?

Yes, we are encouraging all teams to still compete, students can enter and share their projects as they stand online to recognize their work in progress.

My company is interested in being a partner for the Enactus US Online Expo. What is the best way to get in contact with the Enactus US team?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact Rachel Stokes at and our team will be in touch promptly.