Menasha FOE Accelerator Applications will be evaluated by a panel of Menasha representatives with reference to the Individual Team Evaluation Form and the following criteria:


  1. How well did the team explain their needs assessment and articulate a specific need and gaps in knowledge, skills and/or resources of the target audience?


  1. How effective is the team’s plan to implement sustainable solutions to bridging the employment gap?
  2. How well does the team’s plan apply entrepreneurial action and innovation to execute the project?
  3. How effective is the team’s plan to empower homeless, previously incarcerated, military veterans, and/or other “second chance employee” populations to gain job skills, employment opportunities, and improve their livelihoods?
  4. To what degree does the proposed plan achieve a measurable impact on the employment accessibility gap in the United States and on helping employees achieve creative solutions to their employment challenges?


  1. How practical and realistic is the proposed plan to execute the project and deliver tangible outcomes before the Final Impact Report deadline?
  2. To what degree has the team proposed a scalable solution that has the potential to effectively impact additional cities or communities?
  3. How well does the team’s plan generate community and media awareness to promote the goals of the Menasha FOE Project accelerator?


  1. How effective and feasible is the proposed budget?
  2. How clear is the application?

Final Impact Report


Participating teams will submit a Final Impact Report in April 2020 to detail the success of their projects, including a project narrative, measurable impact, and testimonials from project participants. As each Menasha FOE project is unique, tailored to address the specific needs identified by your target audience, the outcomes will vary. Review the Final Impact Report Sample for a complete list of metrics. Possible outputs and outcomes include, but are not limited to:

  • Number of individuals directly and indirectly impacted by the project
  • Number of individuals with improved access to job opportunities
  • Number of individuals educated on new job/workforce skills and competencies
  • Amount of cost-savings for employers
  • Amount of increased income for employees
  • Number of new jobs created
  • Number of collaborative partners (e.g. retailers, local non-profits, etc.)
  • Additional outputs and/or outcomes (please specify data with concise definition)

The top three teams with the most impactful projects will receive Grand Prize Awards.

For questions about the Menasha Future of Employment Project Accelerator or to discuss whether your team is eligible to apply, please contact your Enactus Regional Program Manager