Leaders of the Year Award


To motivate and reward excellence in leadership, and share best practices by example


The “Student Leaders of the Year Award” will recognize 3 leadership categories:

  • Executive Leader of the Year
  • Human Resources Leader of the Year
  • Project Leader of the Year

Leaders of the Year Finalist:

2018 Regional Finalists - Click Here
2018 National Finalists -
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- From all nominations, up to 30 “Regional Finalists” will be selected (up to 10 per category).
- From all Regional Finalists, a group of 9 “National Finalists” will be selected (3 per category).
- From the 9 National Finalists, the “Leaders of the Year” will be announced on-stage at the US Expo.

The nominee does not need to possess the formal title or position on their team to be nominated for this award.For instance, someone who has greatly impacted recruitment and leadership development could be nominated as a Human Resources Leader. 

Nominees should possess these general qualities:

Executive Leader: has significantly impacted the overall sustainability, strategy, culture, and development of members and projects.

Human Resources Leader: has significantly impacted one or more of the areas of recruitment, engagement, leadership development, team succession, and culture building.

Project Leader: has significantly impacted a specific project or a portfolio of projects (i.e. by managing a team of project leaders).


National Finalists will receive a Recommendation on LinkedIn from a C-Suite Enactus staff member, priority seating at US Expo events, and individual recognition on-stage at the Opening Ceremonies at the US Expo.

Regional Finalists will receive a Recommendation on LinkedIn from a US Programs staff member, priority seating at US Expo events, and recognition as a group during the Opening Ceremonies at the US Expo.

All finalists will have earned the powerful recognition as an engaged leader.


Nominations may come from:

  • Self-nominations
  • Team members
  • Advisors
  • Engaged BAB members
  • Any partner with immediate involvement in team


  • Coming soon for 2019


- Nominees must be an active Enactus student and currently enrolled in classes.

- You may nominate numerous individuals, but you must submit a separate nomination for each nominee.

- An individual may be nominated for 2 or 3 categories; however, a nominee can only advance as a Regional Finalist within a single category (their highest-ranking category, relative to the other nominations).

- It is advised that you save your responses within a Word or Excel file to check character and word counts as you may lose data within the SurveyMonkey form.

- If you submit multiple nominations for the same person within the same category, we will evaluate the most recent submission.

- Judging will be based upon the survey nomination responses and the quality and clarity of the examples given.  As within all Enactus competitions, your ability to effectively provide context while communicating quantitative outcomes will improve your position.

- Enactus staff may reference all sources of internal data, and may check references (advisors, etc.) to ensure what is reported is accurate.

- Extra points may be awarded when someone is nominated from multiple sources (advisor, peer leader, team member).