Smart Phone Application a Boost to Small Businesses

Texas State University- 2014 Enactus United States National Champions

Seeing Opportunities 

An innovative idea by Texas State University Enactus is promoting small businesses in their community while also helping college students save money. Originally spurred by a desire to reduce marketing costs for local business owners struggling from the recession, the team developed a way to capitalize on technology to drive sales and create unlimited exposure to local products and services.

Taking Action

They created a free coupon application for smart phones that quickly became the ideal paperless way for local businesses to advertise and an avenue to be right in the hands of an important consumer market. The Nu Coupons application gives local businesses a mobile presence to compete directly with national chains and students instant access to coupons, news and sales. The application is searchable and users simply show coupons on the screen to the cashier to redeem their discounts.

Enabling Progress

In less than a month after creating the application, 27 local businesses signed up, creating more than 72 unique posts within that time. Demand for the application has since mushroomed into a regional effort reaching 100-plus businesses in two cities. On average this project has cut marketing costs for small businesses by 59.6% and generated more than $30,000 in sales. Future plans include expanding it to more independent businesses, attracting sales from national chains and possibly franchising the Nu Coupon business model.