Bakery Advances Student Education

Southern Adventist University

To support an Adventist high school in Uruguay, the Enactus team at Southern Adventist University developed a bakery project designed to help students pay for their education while also gaining valuable work experience and skills for the future. The team created a business plan for the new venture and worked to raised more than $100,000 for start-up costs. The team then collaborated with the students to name the new business and PanVita bakery was born. Conveniently located across the street from the high school, the bakery will not only provide jobs that assist the nearly 400 students in paying with tuition, those working at the bakery will also be able to receive certification that qualifies them to work as master bakers. Seeing an opportunity to provide a health component to the project, the team has additionally worked on a curriculum to educate students about the benefits of wheat bread being made in the bakery. Thanks to this project students can earn 25% off their tuition by working at the bakery and gain valuable experience that will benefit them well after high school. As a result of the PanVita venture, the team is now looking to create a non-profit organization with the goal of starting similar businesses that will support fellow Adventist students around the world.