Transforming a Farm into a Non-Profit

Bryant University

Since moving to Dunvegan Farm in 1984, Alison MacLeod has gradually turned her 23 acres into a safe haven for horses, donkeys and other creatures that need a good home to recover from past misfortunes. Over time her goal became sharing these rescues with underprivileged children who otherwise would not get such an experience. The Enactus team at Bryant University saw an opportunity to turn her big heart and love of animals into a sustainable non-profit business. The team went to work upgrading the farm’s buildings and drainage, and establishing an annual farm day for volunteers to perform other needed maintenance and upgrades. They also started a program to allow companies and individuals to financially sponsor a rescued horse. This, along with additional fundraising strategies, including using the farm's greenhouse as a means to generate income, afforded the farm steady financial support. By improving the farm’s infrastructure and applying business principles to its operations, this farm is soon expected to achieve status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This will allow greater eligibility to apply for grants and tax deductible contributions to further offset the expenses of maintaining the farm. But most importantly, due to the help of Bryant University Enactus, MacLeod’s dream of rescuing more animals and providing services for more children is being realized.