Dr. Jack's Coffee: Ouachita Baptist University

Seeing Opportunities

Students discover that a Honduran orphanage affiliated with WGO is primarily funded through the sale of coffee beans and is struggling to produce the quantity and quality of beans needed to succeed in the current marketplace.

Taking Action

In the first year students started assisting the orphanage by updating their website and redesigning the coffee bags to increase sales. The next phase of the project was to increase the quality and production of the coffee beans. To do this, Enactus students created Dr. Jacks Coffee House on Ouachita Baptist University’s Campus. Profits from Dr. Jacks Coffee House are split between funding Enactus team and the Honduran Orphanage. Funding from Dr. Jacks has allowed the Enactus team to supply the orphanage with a more efficient coffee washing machine.

Enabling Progress

The coffee washing machine decreases water usage from 18,500 gallons per harvest to 1,840 gallons per harvest. This has led to a decrease production costs by $9,000 allowing the orphanage to increase the education and quality of housing for the orphans.