Carroll University - Women's Economic Empowerment Project

Seeing Opportunities

One in four women will be affected by domestic violence in their lifetime. Of these victims, many lack the confidence or motivation to pursue a higher career potential. Some causes of unemployment in the Waukesha area include education gaps, lack of motivation, and lack of job searching techniques. In addition, there are few resources for women of the target audience to connect with mentors.

Taking Action

The Carroll University Enactus was awarded the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment grant. They used the sponsored funds to host three workforce development sessions for women who depend on the domestic abuse recovery services from the Waukesha Women’s Center. These workshops focused on job preparedness, soft skills, and financial literacy. In addition, the Enactus team hosted a Women’s Empowerment Dinner in December which was a tribute to the women who they have impacted through the program. Over sixty people attended the event and 100% of survey respondents felt more empowered to reach their career and personal goals after leaving the dinner. 

Enabling Progress

To date, two women have found jobs through the Enactus program. Members of the Women’s Empowerment project have also started a mentorship program with the eleven women that attended the workshops. These mentorships will create one-on-one relationships that will allow the Enactus members to individually help each woman’s employability to improve their livelihoods. One woman from the program is working with our team to turn her entrepreneurial idea into a self-supporting job. See her inspirational story: 

Project Facts

11 women attended workshops
7 were unemployed
2/7 found jobs within a month of our workshops
4/11 rated their current job satisfaction as a 1 meaning unsatisfactory
1 woman is starting her own business with the help of our Enactus team