Texas State University - Project ROW

Seeing Opportunities

Despite being the keystone to the American Economy, the process of starting a business is long and intensive, with many steps involved. In the United States eight out of ten small businesses fail every year due to the struggle of limited cash flow and the need for marketing services. These factors influence many potential entrepreneurs to quit before they even start.

Taking Action

Texas State University Enactus students started Project ROW to provide small businesses with affordable services such as an online presence, detailed analytics, search engine optimization, online advertising, Google certified technicians, direct mail, social media management, & proprietary business software.

This year, students have started an initiative to assist entrepreneurs and other Enactus Teams in Texas to begin the process of starting their own businesses. TSU Enactus has produced a document that shows the steps of starting a business in a clear and concise way. (http://bit.ly/SrtABusiness)

Enabling Progress

ROW has been able to hire 13 people and serve more than 200 clients with their accounting, marketing, and software needs. Allowing their clients’ businesses to grow by connecting them with the skills and expertise that were needed.