T-Shirt Venture Benefits Orphans

Belmont University

In Nashville, Tennessee, two mothers started a T-shirt and social entrepreneurship venture to support their seven adopted children, bring awareness to the orphan crisis and help fund overseas adoptions. However, like many budding entrepreneurs they had the dream and drive but lacked the business acumen to successfully maintain and grow their 147 Million Orphans business. The women enlisted the Belmont University Enactus team to help. The team consulted on business structure, supply chain and distribution channels, and marketing materials. They assisted with a business plan and strong marketing strategies, including using online resources to share the women’s story and sell their products. Thanks to the crucial business development input from the Belmont Enactus team, monthly sales increased from $500 to $40,000. Today 147 Million Orphans products are sold online and in five retail outlets. The business has even been featured in a national magazine. This is not only providing these women reliable incomes, it is also helping further their mission to help orphans around the world. Funds from the business have enabled 50 families to receive financial assistance for adoptions, provided 250,000 meals for orphanages in Uganda and Haiti, and made possible the construction of a shelter in Ethiopia for orphans with HIV-AIDS.