Jack Shewmaker Enactus Spirit Award


To recognize an Enactus team that demonstrates a strong commitment to improving the lives of others and furthering the Enactus mission with the utmost passion and enthusiasm.

How to Enter

Submit a one-minute video demonstrating:

  • How your team shows Enactus Spirit and impacts the lives of others
  • What drives your team

Video Suggestions

We want to see your team in action! Show us the work you are doing, how you have fun together, make us laugh, cry, etc. Just have fun with it! Below are some additional tips for making your video.

  • Film your team working on projects
  • Capture moments that show your team spirit
  • Show the progression of your team from recruitment through competition prep
  • Show your team in ACTION!
  • Get creative and have fun
  • Consider using fun video apps
  • Less talk, more action

Judging Process

Submissions will be posted on the Enactus United States YouTube channel for a likes/comments challenge! Each team will receive a link to their video which we encourage you to share with everyone you know. Each team will have approximately a month to promote their videos and garner likes and comments. The judging panel will take into consideration the number of likes/comments videos receive when choosing their winner. 

Bonus! Enactus USA will be featuring submissions on our Social Media channels.

Two Enactus National Advisory Board members will review videos to determine a winner, taking into account YouTube likes/comments. The winning team will be announced at the United States National Exposition. The winning team is not eligible to enter for three years after receiving the award.


The winning team will receive a plaque and $3,000


Submit your Enactus Spirit Video by emailing a sharing link to teams@enactus.org. MP4 format is preferred. 


Submission Open: September 1, 2021
Submission Deadline: February 21, 2022 at 5 pm CDT
YouTube Links Shared with Teams:  February 23, 2022
YouTube Likes/Comments Deadline: March 15, 2022 at 5pm CDT
Winner Notification: March 25, 2022